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OCR Workshop

Get the best care for your Bike

At OCR the bikes we sell are well-known for their high-quality - full service history and attention to detail. For you, this means that you will be able to enjoy your new bike for many great years and miles. However, good maintenance and regular servicing is the key to keeping your bike in perfect condition, safe and reliable. We service and work on most major makes and models. Servicing or repairs can be offered with either genuine or after market parts, the choice is yours. We are fortunate to have the best information at our fingertips, through experience, years of training and Knowledge.

Sell Your Bike

We consider any motorcycle (the two wheeled kind) so please

get in touch for quote.

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Superbike Loans


Tyres supplied, fitted & balanced


Collection & Delivery service

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Autotrader Store

Check out our AutoTrader Store for more information and customer reviews.

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